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About Us

Welcome to Romesco Olives

Romesco Olives was founded here in the Cool Midlands of Natal a few years ago.

Our deep desire has been to create a range of products bursting with genuine flavours.  Along this gourmet journey we met you; our customers who helped grow the range with your little comments like “something spicy maybe” welcome the stunning Rose Harissa!

Here at our Factory shop just off the N3 at Midmar, a team of us work with the noble olive to create for you over 30 exceedingly scrumptious olive recipes.

We marinate the sacred berry in extra virgin olive to unique flavours, bath our olives in our special Tangy marinade, and stuff our olives with your favourite pantry ingredients.

Our pesto’s’ Tapenades, chutneys and pantry products are great cousins to the olive recipes, it’s all one tasty Olive Affair. The shopping website is your pathway to olive heaven; you don’t have to wait for us to pop up at a show.  Choose your favourite recipe, we will make it and send it to you. Contact us any time to have an olivey chat.

You will still see us at shows and markets all over South Africa, check out our home page for the Show calendar.

Our favourite poem is Ode to Olive Oil – By Pablo Neruda